From the Chair - September 2021

From the Chair - September 2021

September 14 2021

Professor Bruce Allworth - Chair, Sheep Sustainability Framework Steering Group

The official launch of the world first Sheep Sustainability Framework was exciting and rewarding for the Sheep Sustainability Steering Group. It was tremendous to deliver such a well-supported and robust Framework. It was only possible with the open discussions and excellent input we had from so many stakeholders. In fact, it was the level of engagement with both industry and external stakeholders that gives us confidence that the Framework is robust and off to a great start. It is something we can all embrace and build on. 

Importantly, it is not our Framework but your Framework. It is the Sheep (Industry) Sustainability Framework and it can be used to showcase our sustainability credentials and highlight areas for improvement. The Framework is not a policy setting but rather a reporting and monitoring tool to enable discussion around our sustainability performance. It is therefore up to all stakeholders to engage with the Framework. 

Our first step is to gather the necessary data to report all the identified sixty metrics. Thirty-three (55%) were reported with the Framework launch. In addition, a new Chair will be appointed to lead the Framework, with metric reporting, reviewing priorities and promoting the Framework being the main tasks as we move forward. 

It has been a pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable and enthusiastic Steering group. I look forward to watching the growth and positioning of the Sheep Sustainability Framework; ensuring that the sustainability credentials across the Four Themes are robustly reported. It will form the basis for the ongoing improvement of our great industry so that we continue to meet market expectations with our premium products. 

I would also take this opportunity to thank the Sheep Sustainability Board for their support and guidance, and to Gabrielle Sheehan from Currie Communications, Bridget Peachey from Australian Wool Innovation and Sarah Hyland from Meat and Livestock Australia for assisting us to deliver this Framework.

Professor Bruce Allworth
Chair - Sheep Sustainability Framework Steering Group

Sheep Sustainability Framework launch - May 2021