SSF Completes first Strategic Plan and Implementation Plans for 2022-2024

SSF Completes first Strategic Plan and Implementation Plans for 2022-2024

June 07 2022
  • New Strategic and Implementation Plans for the next three years
  • Focus on three strategic pillars
  • New Plans will provide a roadmap for the future success of the SSF

The Sheep Sustainability Framework (SSF) has completed development of its Strategic Plan and Annual Implementation Plans for FY2022-FY2024.

SSF Sustainability Steering Group Chair, Dr Scott Williams, said the documents would be critical tools to grow industry awareness and mobilise action to support the SSF’s vision of “Sustainably producing the world’s best sheep meat and wool, now and into the future”.

“The Australian Sheep Sustainability Framework (SSF) is the first of its kind for the sheep and wool industries in the world, and this is something we should be very proud of,” Dr Williams said.

“It shows the clear global leadership role we are taking in proactively identifying and investing in sustainability performance, and to engaging meaningfully with customers and consumers to demonstrate our commitment to best practice and continual improvement.

“Our new Strategic Plan and Implementation Plans will provide the road map for developing the SSF from what is a very new concept to a mature and robust framework that allows us to understand opportunities, challenges and impacts, demonstrate sustainable practices and identify areas for improvement.”

Three strategic pillars have been developed as the heart of the Strategic Plan to guide activity over the next three years.

“These pillars will guide the way the SSF engages with stakeholders, collects accurate and defensible data on industry performance and evaluates itself to identify pathways to continuous improvement,” Dr Williams said.

“Over the next three years, this will be used to embed the SSF into the sheep and wool industry, so it becomes a living, working industry instrument where its use is part of ‘Business As Usual’.”



At the heart of the plan are three strategic pillars:

 Stakeholder Engagement

Impactful and Insightful

Data Collection and Reporting

Defensible and Accessible

Continuous Improvement

Active and Curious

 Supporting Activities

Development and execution of a Stakeholder Engagement Strategy that comprises initiatives to:

  • Promote and communicate the SSF, and
  • Facilitate a two-way consultation that encourages SSF ownership and identifies opportunities for improvement

Collection and reporting of SSF data in an annual report

Provision of an accessible and user-friendly reporting dashboard

Development and execution of an Indicator Reporting Plan to ensure all indicators have metrics and data by the F24 report

Development of protocols for the collection and reporting of each metric

Evaluation of Framework progress and relevance every 12 months

Investigation and resolution of an identified SSF gap via a deep dive process

Review of industry materiality study

Responses to contemporary and emerging trends in sustainability

Professional development of the Steering Group in key sustainability concepts

Collaboration and alignment with relevant industry frameworks



Producing both food and fibre, the Australian sheep industry comprises tens of thousands of farming enterprises, operates over a vast area, spans many jurisdictions, and is overseen and supported by numerous, different-sized organisations. As a result, the stakeholder landscape is both large and complex.

The Stakeholder Engagement Strategy is how the SSF will inform, involve, consult, and partner with the breadth of sheep meat and wool supply chain stakeholders who influence, drive, and implement industry actions.

The Stakeholder Engagement Strategy acknowledges two separate but related needs – the need for promotion and communication of the SSF, and the need for a dynamic two-way consultative mechanism that drives ownership and improvement of the SSF.







Stakeholder Engagement Strategy

Publication of the FY2022 SSF Annual Report and launch event

The FY2023 SSF Annual Report and launch event

Project Proof: On-farm producer survey

Visual highlights dashboard to enable online reporting against SSF metrics

Continued execution of the SSF Indicator Reporting Plan

National flock lifecycle assessment (LCA)

Carbon in Agriculture training for SSF Steering Group members

A new materiality study

The national sheep grazing fractional groundcover dashboard

SSF Indicator Reporting Plan

SSF Consultative Committee Meeting


Deep dive study into an agreed topic relevant to SSF

SSF Industry Forum


First SSF Industry Forum

Second health check of the SSF


First revieew and health check of the SSF

The FY2024 SSF Annual Report and launch event



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